uPvc Window & Door Spraying Belfast & Downpatrick

Why Re-Spray?

At Paint Pro Ireland, we specialise in uPVC spraying, a transformative solution for revitalising your property's windows, doors, and conservatories. Our team uses high-quality paints that adhere perfectly to uPVC, ensuring a flawless, long-lasting finish. Choosing uPVC spraying with Paint Pro Ireland offers numerous benefits: it significantly enhances your property's appearance, provides a cost-effective alternative to replacing fixtures, and the paint we use has a UV resistant formula, which extends the life of your uPVC surfaces by shielding them from the elements and stops them from fading over time.

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The Process


Once contact is made with the Paint Pro team, we can come to your home or business to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Upon the initial consultation, we can show you many of the hundreds of colours available to you to choose from. And if you need a little help choosing, we are more than happy to offer support in doing so.

The Process

Prep & Paint

We have mastered and adapted a multi-step process in order to achieve the best possible finish on your doors, windows and cladding. This process begins with an initial clean and degrease, along with the removal of old silicone. We then focus our attention on repairing any in-perfections visible on the surface - for this we use the most suitable filler which is then followed with sanding. This allows for any new paint to adhere correctly. All areas that are not to be painted are fully masked off (e.g. glass, glazing gaskets and the surrounding masonry). After a final clean we then begin to apply the correct paint for the job. Once dry, time is taken to remove the masking in order to avoid any damage to the freshly painted surface. And finally, we finish the job by applying new silicone sealant to the frame - adding that additional visual freshness!

The Process


uPVC and aluminium are very robust materials and are designed to last many years. In-fact they are deemed the norm in most homes today. Now, with the Paint Pro treatment they can last even longer! There is no need to replace, when you can simply paint!

Not only is Paint Pro offering an affordable way to update your windows and doors but also offering a way to reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainability is becoming a major drive in all areas of construction and architecture, people in general are becoming more conscious on the impact they are having on the environment around them - so Paint Pro is using eco-friendly and innovative techniques to ensure we are offering our clients a responsible service. And the best about it is, you can spray and respray your windows and doors as many times as you like without a major impact on the environment.

Our Reviews

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Sasha Conlon
Customer Review

“Thank you for such amazing service! We love our doors' new look. It’s done to such a high quality that it’s like a brand new door”

Annemarie Fenton
Customer Review

“Just love our newly refurbished door, Would highly recommend the team at PAINT PRO”

Shirley Ann-Murray
Customer Review

“Thanks very much, We are so delighted with your work and love the colour”

Ann Moreland
Customer Review

“First class job, Great workmanship. Would highly recommend PAINT PRO, Delighted with the finish”

Andrea Bickerstaff
Customer Review

“Thank you, Can’t believe the difference. Would highly recommend, Job well done“

Conor Lawlor
Customer Review

“Thanks to PAINT PRO, Quality service and it really compliments our new door. Great workmanship and highly recommended, Thanks again”

Maureen Reid
Customer Review

“Amazing clean workmanship, love it. Great job”

Paul Fitzsimmons
Customer Review

“Recently had our door sprayed and it looks fantastic. My neighbours think my door has been replaced! Thank you”

Irene Sloan
Customer Review

“Totally love my doors, Thank you so much”

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